Hawai`i Roads - HI 570

HI 570

Leaving Lihu`e Airport. Straight isn't just the alternate route to Lihu`e, it's the only route. It's the alternate perhaps if you're coming down HI 56 SB and decide to follow 51 instead of 56, but why would you go any way other than straight from here? Just remove the banner, it doesn't properly belong above a guide sign anyway.

Just past the Lihu`e sign are these two assemblies. Somehow HI 570 has changed from Alternate to Business, when in fact it's just plain HI 570. There are no Business routes in the state, unless you ask Kaua`i, in which case either 570 or 56 could randomly be a Business route because they each lead downtown, and that's where businesses are. So much for MUTCD consistency (and I also mean the oversized S that shouldn't be sticking under the OUTH).

Now the East joins the south in incorrectness.

The three most heavily decorated corners of the HI 51/570 intersection. Photos start in the northwest corner, welcoming travelers leaving the airport, progressing to the northeast and southeast corners that bid farewell in the same font with the same flowers.

The WB end of the highway gets faded shields.

Saving the best for last as I am wont to do, this is the only button copy on the island of Kaua`i, greeting travelers who have "seen it all" and have even passed the end of HI 370. In other words, it's the last sign before departing from the airport.

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