Hawai`i Roads - HI 541

HI 541

Why did the chicken cross the road? We've never been closer to an answer.

By the time we came back and actually drove all 0.32 miles of the road (the shortest state route in Hawai`i), the infamous Kaua`i rooster was gone, but at least this older shield was here. Kaua`i has actually become known as the Rooster Island due to the spread of the invasive species, and the equally invasive and flourishing cats aren't keeping them in check. So maybe the chicken crossed the road to avoid the cat. Sorry, kids, the joke wasn't funny to begin with.

On either side of the southern end of the road are strange concrete pillars with sculpted yellow hats. This one on the west side of the road has the final milepost next to it, one of the only ones in the state for a fraction (because the road doesn't even make it to 1 mile).

Looking south and north at the faded end milepost assembly. The northbound side is just barely more legible and is where I made out the tiny "32" below the 0.

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