Hawai`i Roads - HI 37

HI 37

Heading SB toward Haleakala and brooding rainclouds. The twinned roadway will probably turn the 2/1 setup into a 3/2, not a 2/2 with generous SB shoulders, to preserve the climbing lane. It will also open up new development opportunities outside the main cities of Wailuku and Kahului that will activate these traffic signals and take the cones out of the left-turn lanes.

CR 390 WB at CR 371 outside Makawao. I know there are no circle highways in Hawai`i - this is a very poor attempt by a county that otherwise duplicates the state shield flawlessly.

Back toward Kahului NB as the new dualized lanes open up. The lanes are fully paved and Bottsed (those little lane stripe bumps are called Botts' dots), so all that's left is some cleanup work and finishing a couple of intersections. It may be open as you read this.

And enjoy button copy, NB at the end of 37 at HI 36.

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