Hawai`i Roads - HI 32/CR 320

HI 32 and CR 320

This WB shield is a typical modern county installation, retaining the shape of the state shield but using a non-standard font. CR 320 west into the `Iao Valley was once HI 32, but now state maintenance ends at HI 30. To the east it transitions right into HI 36, begging the question of why 32 still exists at all.

Another county-spec shield but for a state highway, CR 320 EB (Main St.) descending into Wailuku. Of greater interest is the embossed arrow that may have had a HAWAII 32 shield above it, or more likely a HAWAII 30 to presage that intersection, since back then this was already HI 32 and so there was no need to pre-sign it.

HI 32 EB in downtown Wailuku at HI 33 - except for the last forty years, this has been CR 330. Maybe because it was downloaded to county jurisdiction HDOT still hasn't caught on. There still is an old 33 shield on another intersecting street, which you'll find on my main Maui page (linked below).

I was tipped off to this EB sign leaving Wailuku, and to something even better just around the corner:

Before reaching Main St., make a right on Kinipopo and you come to this ancient assembly. It faced Wells St. EB, which was then Bypass 30. Bypass 32 pointed left up Kinipopo and back to 32. Bypass 30 finished up on Wells, and may have come back via Waiale Rd. to HI 32, but at this point HI 30 has already ended. The Bypass routes (along with 33, featured on the main Maui page) were to get around downtown, which apparently gets crowded sometimes. The quality (i.e. lack thereof) of signage of the Bypass routes is a byproduct of their having been county maintained from the start and never HDOT roads (thanks, Oscar Voss).

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