Hawai`i Roads - HI 30

HI 30

The oldest tunnel in Hawai`i, constructed before it even became a state, seen from HI 30 SB turning WB (and ultimately curling back around NB on the west side of the island). The rocks seem to want to reclaim the tunnel already.

A SB view of Kaho`olawe from Ma`alaea, with tiny Molokini visible in the far left. Molokini is a sunken volcanic crater, so really would look like the rest of Hawai`i without the pesky ocean there.

NB past former HI 38 to what's always been a county route (Waiko Rd.) - and that's not JCT 30, it's JCT 305. HI 380 is still a state highway, no longer primary, but it remains an important tourist link from the airport city of Kahului to the west shore. The other important, nearly parallel link is also a secondary highway, and doesn't even end in 0 - HI 311. These assemblies are a great example of how Hawai`i route shields still haven't adapted to losing the state name from the top.

Leaving Wailuku (the northern end of HI 30), SB.

The only complete By-Pass shield assembly in the state, NB at Wells St. a block shy of the end of HI 30. HI 30 and 32 end at each other, and CR 320 continues the former HI 32 west from there. The By-Pass route follows Wells to Kinipopo St., bypassing downtown on Main St. There's an incomplete and much older By-Pass assembly on the HI 32 page, so click on over.

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