Hawai`i Roads - HI 11

HI 11 EB, showing the traditional Hawaii state route shield (notice the size of the 11 compared to the WB monstrosity atop this page) and one of the only errors on the islands. HI 2000 only goes left (west) from here on Puainako St.

Probably because Hawai`i is halfway between the United States and the rest of the world, whenever a milepost roughly coincides with a kilometer, they're posted together. Of course, this means that none of the posted kilometers are accurate - but the mileposts sometimes aren't, either.

Like many of the shields on the Hawai`i pages, these aren't old, just mossy/ferny/whatever else wants to grow on there. WB at CR 148, Wright Rd. in Volcano.

Old Volcano Rd. (old HI 11) EB at CR 148. This must be a county sign, because the shield is always the right shape when the state does it.

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