Georgia Roads - US 84

US 84

All photos were taken by J. P. Nasiatka. Adam Prince submitted the last photo on this page, and both have contributed some accompanying information.

US 84 EB/Business US 1 NB, and US 84 WB, respectively, at the same intersection in Waycross. Two things wrong here: the text inside the shields isn't the same color as the shields, and Georgia doesn't tend to use the green BUSINESS shields (oh, and directions would be nice). This was formerly also Business US 23, which no longer exists even though 1 and 23 proper are still multiplexed around the city.

Odd shields, narrow font, and tiny extra letters are just the beginning, westbound at Wiregrass Georgia Parkway in Thomasville. It would be nice to have directions above the shields, but it would also be nice to separate the US 319 shield from that whole END business, seeing as how the arrows clearly indicate it goes in both directions.

An excuse to show off overhead signage, this was the end of US 82 before I-95 changed all the routings in the area, and now obviously is the end of nothing but belongs to US 84 instead.

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