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US 80

WB in Statesboro, showing GDOT's unique identifier of a Bypass route, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Most states would put that in a separate banner.

Again courtesy Lou Corsaro, US 80 WB (Louisville Rd.) in Pooler, which is just west of I-95. I'll give you the information that Rogers St. is two-way and allows left turns back onto US 80 EB (Collins St.). So why is I-95 signed straight to the other end of town for a tight U-turn ramp, making traffic come all the way back through town again? Or is traffic being signed out to Pooler Pkwy. and up to the next exit, also indirect with several traffic lights? It probably has to do with queues forming between the two directions of US 80, but all I'll say is, anyone who drives that way more than twice already knows they don't have to follow the signs.

Chatham Pkwy. NB, then turning onto US 80 EB with the center and right sides of an overhead span-wire assembly. GA 26 has followed US 80 for over 120 miles, so why bother signing it? Once they come together, they're simply not breaking apart again. Secret routes should remain secret.

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