Georgia Roads - US 78/GA 10

and US 78/GA 10

The photo above and two below are courtesy John Krakoff and came to me via Adam Prince. All photos on US 78 itself are eastbound except one near the end.

Very non-reflective signs on the Stone Mountain Freeway near Atlanta, removed since 2000 when the photos were taken.

Looking east and west along the old alignment of US 78, south of the freeway, that was cut off by impounding Stone Mountain Lake.

A newer old alignment as I leave that area on Hugh Howell Rd., which used to gain SB traffic from this US 78 EB ramp but is now one-way NB. Since the road then splits to US 78 EB and WB, there is little reason for the EB ramp to remain as a U-turn (even though that was always an optional movement).

Exit 7 for GA 236 is just east of there, a trumpet interchange in the right two nacelles with the "U-turn" movement to US 78 WB as the closest one, or I can bear right onto the end of the trumpet. You can see that US 78 is labeled as SR 410 even though it has just rejoined with GA 10. SR 4xx are intended to follow Interstates in Georgia, and while the Stone Mountain Freeway never had this destiny, it was going to connect inside the Perimeter (I-285) as a full freeway to an unbuilt inner I-485 loop. I-485 would have gone north and turned into GA 400, legitimizing that number as well.

The WB Apalachee River bridge is clearly the original and clearly doomed in 2014.

US 78 hops onto US 29 to get around Athens while the old/Business route follows GA 10 into the city.

The EB and WB faces of a very old sign, certainly not one you'd see reproduced now (even in white on green), at Stevens Grove Church Rd. east of Lexington, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

A lot is happening at Washington, and the top arrow in the second photo does not help comprehension. US 78/GA 10 turn right.

The GA 17 multiplex page (linked below) shows you dualization north of Thomson. Thomson itself features this new bypass that steals US 78/GA 10 from their old alignment. GA 17 remains in the city, so this gets a new designation as Bypass 17.

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