Georgia Roads - US 76/41

US 76 and US 41/76

Just into Georgia, EB at GA 151.

US 76 is forgotten and trucks are shunned. US 76 begins in Chattanooga with US 41 and follows it as far as Dalton, so really this should just be US 41, but we can't play pretend with road signs.

A look west at the same bridge.

Confederate Major General Cleburne was noted for his defense at the Battle of Ringgold Gap that prolonged the Civil War. Why this feat of the losing army was honored by the winning country decades later is debatable, but it's noteworthy that this site is also considered the beginning of Sherman's March. Also, that last sign is less than 20 years old. That build quality is noteworthy in a different way.

Throwing some state-name shields your way, but where did all the ONLYs go? Back then the two lanes both curved left, so the thru arrow could have had one but the right arrow could not and should not have been shown at all.

Interestingly, US 41/76 was being rebuilt to have more lanes, so maybe the ONLYs would be untaped later. (Note: they weren't.) Anyway, in addition to widening the road I'm on, Georgia also widened I-75, lengthening the SB loop ramp (Exit 336A) so that it takes off from 336B as a ramp split instead of from the mainline. That's the purpose of the wall you can see on the right.

Actually, the road east of Dalton is SR 52. US routes are just overlays in Georgia and SR 76 is elsewhere.

Remaining photos are courtesy John Krakoff via Adam Prince.

How can anyone mess up this badly? And get away with it, I would like to add. Go figure out what I'm talking about. Hint: The 515 shield is perfectly fine, as it represents an Appalachian (A) Regional (P...???) Development (D) Highway (HWY).

This time, the 515 shield itself isn't the problem, but the other signs are. It should be a north-south highway, and should have the white-on-blue scheme you see in the previous photo (if you glance back, shield your eyes from the 2). These banners and arrows are clearly meant to have US 76 shields between them.

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