Georgia Roads - US 411/GA 20

US 411 and 411/GA 20

All photos were taken SB west of US 41.

The two highways part here heading opposite directions (straight ahead is US 41 NB). Usually a new sign would have a wide US shield.

US 411 South and GA 20... err, West, where a little directional signage would go a long way. If you're having trouble telling what's in the little green signs, so am I, but I think it's a few NORTHs and a WEST for 20.

US 411 picks up GA 53, leaves US 27, and comes to the Southwest Rome Bypass. This apparently will become a realigned US 27, likely leaving the current route as Business 27 - and regular GA 1, because the state highways have a habit of not finding the new alignment.

Two southward views of the NB and SB sides of future 27. US 411 is a lot more of an east-west route than one that's north-south, which is why it crosses the bypass at a right angle.

Two northward views, again of the NB and SB sides respectively.

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