Georgia Roads - US 41

NB on the new Inner Perimeter of Valdosta, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. All of the US shields look funky, which you would expect from new signage nowadays, and US 221 should also be signed straight (with a three-digit-wide shield). Sadly, I don't think these problems will get fixed over time.

Business US 41, until recently the mainline, NB in the heart of Valdosta. Three problems: US 84 is multiplexed with US 221, and clearly both of these shields have serious design issues. Saving the best problem for last: south is to the LEFT and north is to the RIGHT.

Some funky Business shields, Georgia style, at the north end of the newly christened routes in Valdosta, again courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. The Inner Perimeter begins to the right and heads southeast. If you believe these signs, though, both the regular routes and Business routes end both straight ahead and to the right. Technically, the Business routes end here, GA 7 ends while multiplexed with US 41 at either end, and US 41 ends hundreds to thousands of miles away. The signs won't get that detailed, so they should be fixed.

Button copy beauty, US 41 NB at Exit 255 of I-75, and the last John Krakoff photo on this page. Click for closeup of the shield.

NB leaving US 19, right next to each other.

Galleria Drive SB, the next light east/south on US 41/GA 3/Cobb Pkwy. from I-285, where the right lane is coned off and merges directly with the I-285 EB/I-75 onramp from US 41 (which merges with the Exit 20/I-75 ramp from I-285 EB).

US 41 NB up to the same point. The ground shields look great with state names, and the one overhead shield looks only halfway passable in 2-digit width. Add a state name, though, and I'd buy it.

Two northbound, and the third southbound, on US 41/GA 3 (the semi-transparent ghost route for 41), courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. State name shield sandwiched by unusual overheads.

By 2010, there are only typical overheads left in that spot. These are NB.

Continuing north to the split with US 411.

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, old US 41 will now pass under the modern highway and become GA 293 in Emerson. Once again, GA 3 pops its unnecessary head up.

US 19 and US 41/19
US 76 and US 41/76

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