Georgia Roads - US 301 and 301/1/23

US 301 and 301/1/23

US 1/23/301 NB (no mention of 23, though), heading out of Florida, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Plenty of state-name I-95 shields to go around.

GA 23/121 NB at US 1/23/301 in Folkston. GA 15 doesn't become its own route until leaving GA 121 south of Baxley, and GA 4 never exists on its own. The only thing more confusing than having a state highway intersect an identically numbered US highway is to have so many other routes signed that your only hope is to look for the right number. Hopefully you remember you're going north.

Here they are all together. Either one of these assemblies would be plenty of routes for one alignment.

Only slightly better with five routes instead of seven, now able to fit on a single gantry. The "4" isn't printed correctly, but it should be omitted anyway. Also, the US shields have so few curves they're practically turning into squares, and US 301 deserves a wider space to fit into.

So keeping in mind everything I just went through to make fun of GA 23 meeting US 23, tell me which route is present here. Just one shield error can throw everything into disarray. What if you were heading south on GA 23, missed the turnoff, and then saw this? You could be in Jacksonville before realizing you never hit I-10 like you expected. The US 301 shield appears to be Series A (compare to the previous shields), which isn't supposed to be used for anything anymore.

The next five photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro and the next four are northbound.

Heading north, GA 23 and US 23 part ways. So, are these correct, or is there another error in play? I won't give you the answer; see if you trust your intuition.

Foreground: Narrow US 280 shield. Background: State-name I-16 shield.

More statey goodness.

In Statesboro, the middle shield should be BYPASS 301, while the left shield should be BUSINESS 301. At least GDOT tried on the middle one.

Not even up to Georgia's wacky specs, heading the other way in Statesboro.

Different and ugly shields in each direction in Clito, courtesy Shawn Latta and submitted by Adam Prince. The two styles of new shields are leaving as little black as possible (SB) or using as little white as possible (NB). In either case, the US shield would be much better served by being wider.

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