Georgia Roads - US 29

All photos on this page are courtesy John Krakoff except the middle three (I'll call them out).

This and the shield above are photos from John's daily commute. The one atop the page is on GA 92 SB in Fairburn at Washington St., and the one to the left is in the East Point-College Park area (otherwise, the two routes either aren't together or have other routes along for the ride).

US 29 NB at the Langford Parkway entrance in East Point, submitted by Adam Prince. GA 154 East is straight ahead as it joins 29.

Interesting shields of US 19/29/41, taken by myself. The first two are on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive WB and the last is NB on the triplex. US 29 turns right onto US 78/278, which is why I always write down turn-by-turn directions when following routes in urban areas.

Too many routes to keep straight that US 29 actually is NB here, not EB. Then some lovely state-name shields as the quadruplex heads into Atlanta.

In downtown Atlanta, almost certainly Linden Ave. at West Peachtree Street, which is a block away from and parallel to Peachtree Street. Please don't ask, I can't answer. If it helps, they come together at both ends. Umm... hey, look, demountable shields on an LGS!

GA Loop 10 and US 29/Loop 10

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