Georgia Roads - US 278/78/GA 5/US 1

US 278, US 78/278/GA 5, US 1/78/278

US 278 WB at the one-piece Business US 27 in Cedartown, courtesy J. P. Nasiatka, but where did the 278 shield go?

The next seven photos are courtesy John Krakoff.

Old shields westbound near Rockmart.

From US 19/US 41/GA 3 NB (Routes Not Seen Here) to somewhere in Douglas County, with the second photo submitted by Adam Prince.

Maxham Road NB in Austell, at the offramp of a folded diamond. Yes, Maxham Rd. intersects two US routes and a Georgia route, and it's the one with the controlled-access overpass, thanks to an adjacent railroad.

GA 8 is along for the ride but doesn't want any credit, here in Lithia Springs.

US 29 joins the untidy gang of multiplexed routes, but it's North, not East. The second photo occurs just after the first photo, just outside of downtown Atlanta.

The ugly part of the overhead gantry where US 1 turns left from US 78/278 - or GA 4 heads south from GA 10, if you follow hidden routes by signage.

Now up to six routes (GA 4 heads straight into Augusta on former US 1) and a very long span wire at GA Spur 56. (Most people would probably not see "SPUR.")

Upon crossing from South Carolina, SC 121 becomes GA 121 and an unwieldy multiplex gains an extra route as GA 10 emerges to follow US 78 as far as Stone Mountain before breaking off on its own. This sign is just after the Broad St. exit.

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Old US 278/78/1/25

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