Georgia Roads - US 23/1

US 23 and US 1/23

SB at the bottom of the state, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Wide shield, southbound in Alma, also courtesy Lou Corsaro. The US 23/1 multiplex (with assorted other routes and hidden state routes along the way) began a short distance north of here, and continues into Florida.

In central Waycross, a quadruplex breaks up, courtesy J. P. Nasiatka. GA 520 (which uses green numerals, not black) is Corridor Z, as explained on that page (also explained on the US 82 page, which is where this photo originates).

Heading the other direction from Lou's photo. GA 520 carries a third name, and that's the South Georgia Parkway. There are fewer green pentagon shields than green Corridor Z shields.

NB and SB at the northern end of Waycross Business US 1. This is the last intersection where Business US 23 and GA 4 are signed; GA 4 is a secret follower of US 1, so there's really no reason to have it here, except to perpetuate the signing of "1-2-3-4." You can tell how old the NB US 23 shield is because it spells out "BUSINESS" on top. These photos show the glaring problem with GDOT's practice of signing things inside the shields, and that's, well, glare. The camera flash obliterates any trace of whether SB traffic should turn right or go straight for the through route (it's "turn right"), and it's not much better with headlights.

Emery Highway EB east of Macon, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka, and finally free of US 1. Regular US 129 goes through Macon, and US 80 and GA 19 are just to the north after having left Emery Hwy. for Jeffersonville Rd. GA 87 CONN(ector) links northbound-eastbound and WB-SB travelers.

SB past that point with a composite photo courtesy John Krakoff.

SB below Atlanta's beltway. Everything has the state name inside, which isn't quite unusual in Georgia (if you can't tell, these are all newer shields).

North of this railroad bridge, the highway is four lanes, and there's room to four-lane it straight ahead to the south, so you probably won't see this much longer. You also aren't likely to see snow, even if you visit in early February like I did.

On the left and right sides of US 23 NB on the south side of Atlanta.

SB in the same spot.

Unusually constructed signs NB and SB with I-985, second photo courtesy John Krakoff.

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