Georgia Roads - US 221 and US 1/221/GA 17

US 221, US 1/221/GA 17

Starting in Louisville, SB where US 1 and GA 17 leave US 221. At any distance and speed, the first photo reads like US 1 and GA 4 go both directions at once. And even still, the second photo suggests GA 17 is in both directions, or nowhere at all. I wonder how many people drive straight over the median in frustration or confusion.

This might have been a good place to not show the hidden route. GA 88 EB at the beginning of a four-way-plus-GA-4 multiplex in Wrens, courtesy J. P. Nasiatka.

Sometimes, Georgia completely forgets the US routes entirely. That's fine, if they don't mind sending anyone paying attention into a brief panic. Those are some very pregnant-looking Georgia shapes, too. Maybe they'll give birth to US 1 and 221.

SB to where GA 17 (not US 17) joins the mix, second photo courtesy Lou Corsaro.

GA 80 EB and GA 80/88 WB at Wrens' central intersection, leaving just US 1 and US 221 alone with GA 4. (It's like being alone with your shadow, or your one cat who hides whenever you're home.)

SB in the same place.

Heading northbound from the previous photo, with GA 4 mercifully remaining hidden, courtesy J. P. Nasiatka. The narrow (or, should I say, GDOT standard) US 221 shield appears to be an afterthought.

A whole new selection of routes baffle your mind in Harlem, here NB.

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