Georgia Roads - US 19/41

US 19 and 19/41

Unattributed photos are courtesy John Krakoff and sent to me by Adam Prince.

The Albany Bypass northbound, lacking the US 19 shield (GA 300 shadows 19 south of Albany). That green 520 shield is completely correct, because 520 is Corridor Z, and Georgia thinks it's all special and stuff.

The eastbound Albany Bypass, really now just southbound as it only carries US 19 and GA 300. In the first photo, the special green-numbered shield for GA 520 is apparently less reflective than other shields... although that right BGS is pretty strangely more reflective than the other signs. Note that pretty much nowhere on the Albany Bypass is the through route given a cardinal direction. We then come to a sign put together by people who never studied geometry, and one that missed the replacement boat.

Georgia puts BUSINESS in its shields a lot, but this is the first BYPASS I've seen, in Leesburg.

GA 36/74 eastbound in Thomaston, and then US 19 southbound, using the European style of signing roads by destination instead of by direction. Both roads are involved in one-way pairs, which is why you don't see left arrows in either photo.

Northbound now, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. Hey, guys, why don't you spread out to cover more territory?

In the name of love, this yellow embossed sign is on someone's fence in Zebulon, southbound just past GA 18.

Northbound in Griffin, courtesy J. P. Nasiatka. I wonder how the Business 41 pull-through LGS managed to survive its ex-brethren.

Southbound on US 19/41, with the second also on GA 3 as the triplex approaches Griffin. The first photo needs a realignment and maybe some directional banners, and the second is just for the state-name shield.

Directly from John Krakoff, this is in Hapeville, just outside the Atlanta airport. These routes are about to turn a hard left, so the straight arrow is certainly misleading.

First, Upper Riverdale Road at US 19/41's junction with I-75, courtesy J. P. Nasiatka (third and final photo from him). The immediate crossroad is the connector from I-75 to the north to US 19/41 to the south. The next crossroad is US 19/41, with the southward ramps to/from I-75 indeed straight ahead. Something more than this assembly is needed to tell traffic what to do (for example, make a right here for a shortcut to 19-41 south). Second, northbound on 19/41 near Jonesboro, maybe at McDonough Rd. in Lovejoy. Nice 675 shield, think you coulda splurged for the extra width?

The first two of my photos, Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive WB at US 19/29/41. I guess that all of the signs are technically accurate, but contradiction is not a pretty thing.

US 19/41 pick up US 78/278 for a brief moment, and signage doesn't even do US 29 the favor of acknowledging its existence. Maybe US 29 isn't here after all - I don't know until I try to follow the route, but until seeing this assembly, I had no reason to doubt. Of course, after seeing the next assembly, I began to doubt whether I was even on US 19/41 anymore. Actually, only the first photo is mine, because John K. had already given me a better version and I didn't know it (because it was on the US 278 page, because I didn't know it was even on US 19/41).

Atlanta has 71 different streets using the Peachtree name. For example, like Broadway and West Broadway in New York, Peachtree St. and West Peachtree St. are parallel in downtown Atlanta. Peachtree St. becomes Peachtree Rd. after picking up US 19 leaving downtown, so I'm quite sure this sign on Harry's Grill in Hendersonville, NC belongs on this page.

Everyone uses GA 400 to get to Atlanta from up this way, especially now that the tolls are gone, so 400 gets top billing over US 19.

US 19/GA 400 SB at Exit 6, Northridge Rd., with a new bridge supplement being constructed to provide a dedicated lane for NB traffic exiting in a loop, crossing the highway, and turning right (north) on Dunwoody Pl. I guess even having that being two right turns wasn't enough for the amount of development in Sandy Springs and Roswell. The second photo looks to my left at the future east bridge pier.

US 19/GA 60 SB from Dahlonega along the Chestatee River.

Chestatee St. comes to all of these routes as it leaves downtown Dahlonega. US 19/GA 60 once went up here before turning east on Main St.

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