Georgia Roads - US 129

US 129

Sign confusion, an inconsistent font, and an old 129 shield, NB in Lakeland courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. Other assemblies at the US 129/221 intersection show GA 31 and GA 11, US 221's and 129's shadow routes, respectively.

Alt. US 129 SB with these other routes, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka, while regular US 129 goes through Macon.

NB over the Ocmulgee River in Macon, courtesy Doug Kerr. The sign is button copy, and both shields are state-name but are different colors, as if one was replaced at a different time than the other (if either has been replaced).

Courtesy John Krakoff and the wonders of GDOT, US 129 SB leaving I-985/US 23. Georgia's practice of putting BUS inside its business shields does not work at 70 MPH, and narrow shields with small numbers do not help the cause. GDOT should also get with the program and put regular exit tabs atop its signs instead of full-width, off-center deals like this.

GA 284 EB just a block after it began from Business GA 11 in Gainesville. GA 11 is US 129's secret shadow route, though in this city it's not so secret - that's a good thing when the business route doesn't inherit the US number.

GA Loop 10 and US 29/Loop 10
GA 369 and US 129/GA 369

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