Georgia Roads - US 11

After I-81 ends, its longtime partner US 11 ends up an orphan, wandering along I-40, I-75, and I-59. For its short Georgia mileage, US 11 follows the latter. The photo above is in Trenton, probably on GA 136, courtesy John Krakoff and passed along by Adam Prince. All photos below are southbound.

The 1926 Dade County Courthouse sits smack in the middle of US 11 in Trenton. There's a Dade County historical marker on the NB side.

Through a brief multiplex on the south side of town.

An older version of the second assembly, munged from two photos if you couldn't tell (no, nighttime in Georgia doesn't set on that suddenly), courtesy John Krakoff via Adam Prince. Both west and east of town, GA 136 has hairpin turns.

Across Crawfish Creek and ready to head to 'Bama.

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