Georgia Roads - Truman Pkwy.

Truman Parkway, Savannah

All photos are northbound.

Entering the beginning of Truman Pkwy. from GA Spur 204. The crane in the background of the last photo tells you that the stub is actively being worked on, and it will soon connect to GA 204 directly, avoiding a long stretch of residential travel along Spur 204.

Needs another sign on the left. Needs dots above the "i"s. Needs black border around EXIT ONLY (and a taller yellow border, technically). Come back Tuesday with the changes.

Clearly some Dutch influence in the area, and Savannah wants to make sure you spell it right. "Downtown" was removed from the US 80 sign, probably because President St. is a better way to get there, but DeLesseps Ave. had already been stretched to match. Furthermore, "Victory Dr." doesn't belong on the sign, so that's two lines' worth of text that could have been crunched down into a more manageable sign size.

Truman Pkwy. ends in a nondescript pair of loops down to President St., suggesting that they would pair nicely with finger onramps (finger ramps being on the outside of loop ramps) for a future extension. The only place to really go would be South Carolina, although it's possible to cross the Savannah River and stay in Georgia on Hutchinson Island. While possible, I don't see the need for an extension ever arising. The speed sign is on President St. WB toward downtown.

GA Spur 204 and Truman Pkwy. construction

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