Georgia Roads - GA Spur 204

GA Spur 204 (seen EB) is going to be widened to a divided road in advance of meeting Truman Pkwy., which itself will be extended back west to regular GA 204. This seems excessive to me; first connect Truman Pkwy., because traffic is likely to drop significantly on GA Spur 204 north of the Parkway once there's better access to it.

Various EB (or is it SB?) views of Truman Pkwy. construction, panning from left to right. About all that's msising is an overpass, and the columns to the southwest of the future interchange are a step in that direction.

Two better views of the northeast and southwest abutments of the parkway.

Parked in the middle of the interchange, waiting for a left turn signal, facing southwest and northeast.

The left-turn bay is ready, but drummed and striped out until there's a place to turn. I'm less sure what purpose closing the right lane serves, unless it's just too difficult to manage traffic by closing it beyond the intersection to the west.

GA Spur 204 WB, looking at construction to the southwest.

Regular GA 204

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