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Misc. signs

Old and new shields next to each other in Fayetteville, courtesy Shawn Latta and submitted by Adam Prince. The new shield (GA 85) actually looks better than the old because it's closer to the actual state outline. Well, not a LOT closer. I can also appreciate the single banner applying to both shields.

Courtesy J.T. Legg. Backstory: GA 85 was relocated back in the day, taking the road out of Warm Springs. A new alignment was built to compensate, GA 163, but Warm Springs wanted its 85 back, so GDOT gave it GA 85W and turned the relocated 85 into 85E. Come 1995, this was the last split (E/W or N/S) route left in Georgia, so 85E becamse 85 once more and 85W is now ALT GA 85, which is what you see here. So that's a W that was patched over.
Yes, GA has a GA 85 and an I-85. All GA roads have an internal SR number, and the posted number doesn't really matter (this is mostly relevant for US and I- routes).

LGS on old GA 184 NB, now Damascus Road, approaching GA 198, courtesy J.T. Legg.

Ridiculously old white sign on former GA 318 EB at GA 53, also from J.T. This was its eastern terminus at death, but before then it extended along GA 53 and then to War Hill Park. That died, and then the remainder of the route (between GA 9 and 53) was killed in 1982 and again in 1985, since once just wasn't enough.

From the ancient days of cutout shields, now residing on my wall.

The rest of the photos on this page are photographed by John Krakoff and given to me by Adam Prince.

Horrible in Hawkinsville. The banner should only say TRUCK.


Older overhead, Highland Ave. NB in Augusta. Since I didn't say "in Summerville," you guessed it's a neighborhood.

Atlanta airport button copy.

Look closely. This is luggage.

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