Georgia Roads - GA Loop 10/US 29/US 129

GA Loop 10 and Loop 10/US 29/US 129
(And GA 8, GA 15, US 441, but I don't have separate pages for those yet.)

All photos are counterclockwise (Outer).

On the east side, this is the only unnumbered exit around the entire loop as of 2014, and the only sign I've seen in Georgia set up for an exit number without featuring one. What gives?

Until 2015, this was the last intersection on the otherwise-freeway Loop 10, and it came on a stretch with five other routes along for the ride. That seems like it'd be the most, but US 78 also shares the ride on the southeast quadrant. I was there in 2014, so you can see the interchange taking shape: a tight NB diamond and SB folded ramps.

The future SB ramps.

Shifting the highway west to make room for the NB ramps.

Back to exit numbers, Loop 10 is numbered as exiting itself. While it physically does exit, the highway that the exit numbers follow should be considered the through route, so US 29/GA 8 deserves it more.

The one place GA Loop 10 stands alone is the west side from US 129 to US 29/78. US 129 could have gone either way and in fact would have saved time/distance by using the west side.

Onto US 29 alone
Onto US 129 alone

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