Georgia Roads - I-985

The second-highest Interstate in the nation deserves its own page, even though it's barely its own route. Starting at Exit 4, US 23 shares the ride the rest of the way, periodically joined by other routes.

North of Exit 22, for example, US 129 is on the highway for two miles, presenting a stunning lack of foresight in shield and sign design. I'd love to know where the undersize US 129 shields came from, and why these signs look so very poorly put together. If GA 369 wasn't on the first sign originally (it looks brighter), then why is US 129 shifted to the left? This isn't button copy - letters don't move around! It's as if the designers consciously tried to make the shields as different (and wrong) as possible. Who can read that BUS at freeway speeds? Why not have "Business" above the shield, similar to the SOUTH on the right? And while you're gaping at the narrow US shield look up and notice that the EXIT 22 is nowhere close to being centered. Could be worse, at least the town names are spelled correctly. The first (SB) photo is courtesy John Krakoff, and the second is NB.

Exit 22 or 24 to US 129
Exit 24 to GA 369
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