Georgia Roads - I-85

SB and NB, courtesy John Krakoff and via Adam Prince.

Courtesy JP Nasiatka, runway lights cross I-85 on a high bridge to guide planes into ATL. Since the lights must remain evenly spaced and straight on to the runway, they need some way of crossing a highway wider than that spacing.

N. Terminal Parkway, exiting Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, at the I-85 NB onramp where the remainder of the road (there's a BGS on the right that's boring and thus cut off) turns into N. Inner Loop Rd. See the lone state name shield, and the ambiguous "TO". Courtesy John Krakoff.

The SB frontage road from Exit 93 to Exit 91. There are a lot of unreflective LGS's in this short stretch, which I spent some time collecting.

The NB frontage road in the same area, up to Exit 94 as seen from the highway. It had just snowed in Atlanta, about as much as is ever possible, and was still coming down in flurries, which may explain why these photos are a little dark and blurry. Flurry=blurry. I need more sleep before writing these captions.

Georgia knows that button copy is best. Or at least, it knew, once upon a time. Pleasantdale Rd. NB at I-85 Exit 95, and then elsewhere in Doraville, courtesy Doug Kerr.

SB, at the very unreflective Exit 107, which is maybe supposed to be Exit 108, again courtesy John Krakoff. A new C-D road was recently constructed between Exits 109 and 107, and thus everything in the area gets a little fuzzy. The old Exit 108 is GA 120, and the old Exit 107 is Boggs Road to GA 316.

The northern end of GA SR 77 at I-85.

A BGS on I-85 NB showing the new, strange-looking Series D variant that has taken over Georgia. What, you think I took this because it said Crazy Steve?

An old button copy BGS on I-85 NB.

A South Carolina exit sign that's technically still in Georgia on I-85 NB, showing a button-copy state route shield and the brown CFSH shield.

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