Georgia Roads - I-75/I-85

Misaligned US 221 shield on NB Exit 16 in Valdosta, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka.

Southbound state-name shield; these are fairly common on BGS's, and as you can see, there is no rhyme and/or reason to when a shield may have the state name. This spiky sign and the rare standalone state-name shield atop this page are courtesy John Krakoff, as are the next two photos.

This northbound sign is quite beautiful. Compare it to another Georgia BGS, and look at the shields. Thanks to the miracle of the computer, every bend in every state border river can be perfectly represented, or at least so it appears.

All those state-name shields before the beginning of I-675 can't compare to the last mainline button-copy shield in Georgia, just off the exit. Click the last photo for a closeup courtesy John Krakoff; the button copy shield is on the left, while a regular state-namer is on the right.

On the right and left sides of Courtland St. SB at Ellis St. in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

Photos from the northern approach to Hartsfield-Jackson International. The first one looks south on I-75/85 from the I-20 interchange, and I threw in 191 Peachtree Tower because I took it at the same time. It's the fourth tallest building in Atlanta, and despite its classic features was built only in 1990. I want to tell you about it because it took me a good 45 minutes to track down which building it was, which you'd think would be simple because it's so tall and interesting.

The last John Krakoff photo on the page, this is on the left side of an Exit 251 (for I-85) gantry.

Pavement shields herald the NB split at the same spot leaving downtown.

Although the signs are new, they have scattered state-name goodness, albeit with font a little bold. These are on I-75 SB and heading onto the exit ramp north of Atlanta. The first sign is in here for the lack of tittles - once you stop giggling and look up what those are and stop giggling again, you'll understand. GDOT does that sometimes. Must be a tittle shortage.

Further along the same ramp as the previous two photos, where the ramps to I-285 East and West split.

Courtesy J.T. Legg, this was at the end of the southbound Exit 318 offramp, at US 41 north of Calhoun, but it's gone now.

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