Georgia Roads - I-24/I-59/US 11

I-24, I-59, US 11

After I-81 ends, its longtime partner US 11 ends up an orphan, wandering along I-40, I-75, and I-59. For its short Georgia mileage, US 11 is I-59's surface route, and so the two are paired on this page. Since there are no photos on I-59 itself, I'll mention I-24 as well. All photos here are courtesy John Krakoff, and passed along to me by Adam Prince.

Eastbound and probably westbound on I-24, in the year 2000. The non-reflective button copy and the state-name shields are probably gone now. Notice that the exit numbers are carried over from Tennessee, where I-24 goes in either direction from here.

US 11 SB in Trenton, munged from two photos if you couldn't tell (no, nighttime in Georgia doesn't set on that suddenly). Both west and east of town, GA 136 has hairpin turns.

In Trenton, probably on GA 136.

Into Alabama on I-59
Into Alabama on US 11
Into Tennessee on US 11E
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