Georgia Roads - I-575/GA 5

I-575 and GA 5

All photos courtesy John Krakoff except the last one. GA 5 is multiplexed with I-575 for the entire length of the Interstate. GA 5 does a lot more than that, too, for example making it onto my US 278 page as part of a multiplex with US 78 and occasionally GA 8.

Starting with a sparsely and carelessly laid out southbound sign that nevertheless has a state-name shield on it.

Bells Ferry Rd. SB at Exit 4. They both have the state name, sure, but which shield would you adopt?

Pretty sure this is NB, definitely sure this wasn't installed properly. Somehow, the shield appears to have come out perfectly horizontal, even though the sign sure isn't. Wait, no, the numerals don't line up with the shield either.

I don't know what the problem with the A's and B's was, but they seem somewhat shinier than the rest of these signs. Note the bold "5", the insertion of the illegible BUSINESS into the 5 shield, and the misalignment of the 3/4. This is southbound.

NB, leaving the dot off the i happens from time to time in Georgia, but that D should never happen.

Because of the traffic that used to follow GA 5, it was completely rebuilt, partly as I-575, and then when the freeway ends, GA 515 magically begins to carry 5 on its back. The special blue color lets you know Georgia considers this an Appalachian Regional Development highway, but APD HWY should be on top (why APD and not ARD? who knows). Business GA 5 also ends at the end of I-575, but not on its original alignment; it follows the newer GA 372 to get there, via the stub end of the GA 5 expressway (it ends at half of a diamond interchange). GA 754 picks up old 5 for awhile, but even that leaves off, and then things like Ellijay Road and Old Highway 5 have to take up the slack. 5 can't break free until US 76, less than 10 miles from the corner of Tennessee. (The 515 photos pick up on the 76 page, so click that link to continue this page in spirit.)

GA 5 SB at the same point.

US 278 and GA 5/US 78/278

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