Georgia Roads - I-520

All photos on I-520 itself are EB.

GA 232 ends, but Ends 232? No, not really. "Exit Only" should be vertically center-justified and surrounded by a black border, and "Exit 1 Mile" needs a much larger digit. Sign design has always been done differently down here.

Wrightsboro Rd. WB in Augusta, at I-520 Exit 2: just like at top, another example of a state-name shield that should not be celebrated. Courtesy Lou Corsaro, but the fact that Bobby Jones, who built the famous Augusta golf course, is the name of the expressway (could they have indicated that?) is courtesy J.T. Legg. I hope Bobby is no relation to Bob Jones of University infamy. (Why is "fame" being famous but "infamy" being infamous? Why not "infame"?)

One thing right with this sign: the Georgia outline and the number 56 inside make up a perfectly acceptable shield. I'll get back to you when I find a second thing.

Older warning signs, with some roadway left in so that you can see what would ice if Georgia ever had winter.

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