Georgia Roads - I-516/US 17/US 80

I-516, I-516/US 17 (and US 80)

WB from the beginning of the route, DeRenne Ave./GA 21, with misaligned shields, a super-wide Series E(M) font on some shields, and inexplicable crackling (US 17) on a seemingly new sign. I guess it's not that new, because the Exit 6 advance has the old Georgia dotless "i." Note that US 80 WB should be signed with I-516 here, not to mention GA 21 and 25 NB. The last two photos are on the left and right of the same gantry.

Another state-name shield on the Exit 5 ramp, and this one (WB, though unmarked) is even wider, a Series F. While it fits, it's not really meant for this or any other notable application. A similar shield must have been on the right (EB, though unmarked) sign, because you can see the scar around the smaller I-16 shield.

US 80 EB and US 17 SB prepare to leave I-516/GA 21 EB; GA 25 SB also follows US 17 here. Georgia is a state that signs far too many hidden routes when it oughtn't, then mysteriously fails to sign routes that really belong. They also have a problem with signing which directions routes go.

There's GA 25, and appropriate signage for US 17 (although the through BGS should have "EAST/SOUTH" for clarity), but no sign of US 80. I'd say the left sign (blown up in the last photo) is the ideal state-name shield, except it must be invisible at night.

I didn't save the best for last, it just came out that way. I-516 begins here, and it has the best pull-through shield on the left, although the rest of the sign needs help (LynesPkwy and the use of text instead of an I-16 shield). The sign on the right needs a little less help, but the EXIT ONLY is not up to par. Also, the collective body of older signs photographed on this page is suggesting to me that exit numbers were not applied to I-516 for years after it opened.

Exit 3 or 5 to US 17 alone
Exit 3 or 8 to US 80 alone

Exit 5 to I-16
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