Georgia Roads - I-285


Cascade Rd. EB at I-285 Exit 7 and up the NB onramp.

NB, these signs stood out for being much darker than all the others. Apparently, GDOT's first use of Series D (instead of Series E-Modified, a holdover from button-copy days) was without retroreflective sheeting, so these 1990's signs are dark though some even older ones aren't. Information courtesy J.T. Legg.

The newer NB sign doesn't fix the one problem with the older ones: no space after "Exit". It also has a myriad of other spacing issues and neglects including the arrow in "EXIT ONLY."

SB, a rare parent-child multiplex. That was recently (as of when I took it in the mid-2000s) changed from Bankhead Highway - thanks to J.T. Legg for telling me.

Ugly shields grace the NB Exit 12 ramp and add the sometimes-secret state route that all highways have.

I-285 SB with a cobbled-together sign most likely just there during construction. I-285 turns from WB to SB somewhere in this vicinity, west of US 41 and I-75.

Lone state-name shield on the EB ramp to I-75 (that also carries traffic from US 41); click for closeup from John Krakoff.

Ashford Dunwoody Rd. NB at I-285 Exit 29 was reconfigured into a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) in 2012, yielding both the prospect of facing oncoming traffic and a reversed U-turn sign.

Clockwise on the southeastern corner of the loop. Why do the I-675 and I-85 shields include the state name, and not I-20 or I-75? What is missing from Exit 44? I can answer the second one - this used to be GA 260.

I-675 NB at Exit 52 of I-285. Just like at the beginning of the route, there's another shield on the right side, but this one is older and came out well enough to be seen in public.

Westbound south of the airport courtesy J.P. Nasiatka. Think there's enough room left on that sign? What else can we put there to dress it up?

Exit 10 to I-20
Exit 12 to US 78
Exit 12 to US 278
(Exit 20) to I-75
Exit 61 to I-85
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