Georgia Roads - I-20

Above photo is courtesy John Krakoff, and is just west of I-75/I-85. The following photo, in downtown Atlanta and pointing down Forsyth St. SB, is also from John:

I-20 WB, courtesy Lou Corsaro: needs a new font.

At the end of the I-20 EB offramp to Chapel Hill Rd. near Douglasville, west of Atlanta, courtesy John Krakoff and coming to me via Adam Prince.

Post Rd. SB, east of Villa Rica, south of US 78, same attribution as previous photo.

One more Lou Corsaro photo, WB on I-20. I-20 does not exit itself. This is why Georgia is finally bidding farewell to full-width exit tabs, although in this case, the real solution is to use two separate signs.

Into Alabama on I-20
Into South Carolina on I-20
Exit 196 to I-520
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