Georgia Roads - I-16


Or in Savannah, I-I-16. Courtesy J. P. Nasiatka.

Not sure why GA 46 doesn't still continue to the left here down to GA 119 like it used to. GA 67 SB near I-16 Exit 127, courtesy Shawn Latta and submitted by Adam Prince.

Returning to Savannah for more state-name shields, again courtesy J.P. Nasiatka.

They can also be found on Chatham Parkway at Exit 162, at least NB.

How many Exit 166s can a highway have? This is the end of I-16 EB, so it doesn't much matter. (The answer here is just one, but unfortunately signed like two.) This also shows the onetime Georgia font that lacked tittles above the "i." (It's a word, look it up.) Maybe it was because Georgia invented the Series D lower case alphabet; before that, only Series E was allowed to be mixed case. (Now all of the FHWA alphabets are, but that's only as of 2009.)

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