Georgia Roads - GA 9

GA 9

Ridiculously old white sign on former GA 318 EB at its western GA 9 terminus, courtesy J.T. Legg. Wait, how was it on 318 if 318 hadn't begun yet? Once upon a time GA 318 began at GA 9, which was then US 19 (a bypass took that duplex away), but it was then extended west into Dawson Forest. That died, leaving the western terminus at 9 again, but this sign probably saw GA 318 mainline traffic.

While the two routes coincide west of Dahlonega, they cross Cane Creek together. The first GA 9 shield is closest to Georgia's actual shape, but the last photo's shields are older and therefore better.

Chestatee St. SB now meets all 4 routes on the south side of downtown Dahlonega, but they once all went through it.

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