Georgia Roads - GA 6

GA 6

Taken on former GA 6 SPUR EB by J.T. Legg, this not only shows a typical BUSINESS state route, but also has a rare old white-on-black JUNCTION plate, the number of which is rapidly dwindling.

WB on Camp Creek Parkway, which was GA 387 before GA 6 took it over into the airport.

Now EB, on the same stretch between I-85 and I-285. State shields abound.

WB just exiting the airport is an old US 29 shield, sadly captured only through a fence because it's too unreflective for a night photo.

WB still on airport property is a rare button-copy sign, and a look at non-standard airport signage. Though GA 6 is Camp Creek Parkway, shields don't appear until you're out of the airport.

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