Georgia Roads - GA 520

The first photo is courtesy John Krakoff via Adam Prince, and the second is from J. P. Nasiatka. All of GA 520 is Corridor Z, a high-priority corridor to the Coastal Georgia Regional Development Center and a GRIP (Governor's Road Improvement Program) corridor, but not an Appalachian Regional Development highway. It's also all the South Georgia Parkway, and most of the time GA 520 shields will be green to reflect its special nature. (It could be argued that plain 520 shields - black on white on black - are errors.)

TO inside the shield, in Dawson on GA 520 EB/GA 45 SB, courtesy J. P. Nasiatka. Notice that the "520" is green.

All remaining photos are courtesy John Krakoff and submitted by Adam Prince.

US 280 WB in Richland, where all the shields have been afflicted by Z Fever - the numerals on all but the 520 sign should be black.

Another lesson in why Georgia shields should never be stretched. The state looks pregnant.

Looking north at the Brunswick Bridge on US 17, but GA 520 leaves 17 without getting to cross it.

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