Georgia Roads - GA 52

GA 52

GA 52, US 76. "SR" would be 52 here.

Hudson Martin Rd. is an old alignment of GA 52 and it appears to be county maintained, but I'm unaware of any numbered county routes in Georgia. Is this an Ellijay County numbering system revealed?

EB sights: Ebenezer Baptist Church marker (established 1837, but the boring modern church dates to 1952 and the sign to 1957), the south end of the Appalachian Mountains, absolutely horrid squeezed Series A who even does that, and the Etowah River bridge. 3 out of 4 ain't bad.

This GA 52 shield at Cane Creek ain't great. The GA 9 is the correct shape, but the modern larger outline. (As if I can tell what's modern with GA shield shapes; no two are alike.)

Older variants.

Chestatee St. in Dahlonega is former US 19/GA 60, but since now it's nothing at all, I'm featuring it on every page shown on these SB shields.

GA 2 and GA 52/2

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