Georgia Roads - GA 400

GA 400

All photos are southbound.

Follow the signs from W. Main St. onto Chestatee St. in Dahlonega, then wonder why GA 400 is being signed at all when the road leads to US 19 and goes several more miles as GA 60 before GA 400 begins, and many more miles than that before it becomes a freeway and later breaks free from US 19. I think I'm saying just sign US 19.

Because GA 400 is the popular link to Atlanta, it does get a lot more attention than most state highways, such as first billing while overlapped with a US highway. Northridge Rd. (Exit 6) is being widened to add a direct ramp from the NB loop across the bridge and onto Dunwoody Pl. NB. The last photo looks to my left at the future east bridge pier.

Tolls were removed from GA 400 in November 2013 once the construction bonds were paid off, so I drove it in March 2014 before they had a chance to dismantle the old mainline plaza. South of there, the road gets a more intimate feel as it heads toward the Buckhead area.

A SPVUI - the V is for Very - was put in at Exit 2 (Lenox Rd.), but there was so little space that extensive supports were needed to squeeze the ramps against and over GA 400. Doesn't help that there's a railroad in the median.

Under the Atlanta Financial Center to more new stuff, completing the missing south-north movements at GA 400's southern end. Talk about timeliness, the ramps opened on April 2 less than 72 hours after my visit.

More views of the 85S-400N and 400S-85N ramps.

That's all for GA 400 as it merges into I-85 SB with a view of the true Atlanta downtown, not what you saw before. This was also the last TOLL shield I saw on the route and I'm sure it was removed shortly thereafter.

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