Georgia Roads - GA 372/Business GA 5

GA 372 and Business GA 5

GA 372 WB approaching that junction. Obviously, there should be another South or two for the left assembly, and there really ought to be a BUS 5 shield under the 372 for the right assembly, because they do continue together to the end. Oh, did you catch that there's no US 5 in Georgia? That's another obvious one.

As well as I could do in total darkness to illuminate the stub of former GA 5, now GA 372/Business 5 where they exit onto the old road. The first photo is of the SB lanes exiting and the second is the beginning of the NB lanes. If I were a betting man, I'd bet that this part of GA 5 (also GA 515, an Appalachian Regional Development Highway) was constructed first, and then I-575 didn't connect as originally planned when it was extended. So now there's a stub on a road no one really uses, and that's a shame because it's a neat little thing.

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