Georgia Roads - GA 369/US 129

GA 369 and 369/US 129

WB at Hendrix Rd. In Cumming. I'm not sure the best way to show this logo, but probably making "Country" the same color as "Fair & Festival" is a start. Maybe eliminate the mustache.

WB at Browns Bridge in the dead of night.

WB in Gainesville (with GA 60) at GA 53 Connector. There should be a small CONN above the 53 in the shield.

Looking south from US 129 NB/GA 369 EB along former US 23, now just Old Cornelia Highway.

GA 369 WB at and then with US 129. Don't mind GA 11; every US highway has a companion in this state.

Same place but EB, as US 129/GA 11 turn left. GA 365 is I-985's own shadow route.

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