Georgia Roads - GA 28

GA 28

EB just inside Augusta.

This was on Berckman's Rd. NB at GA 28 by the Augusta National Golf Club, known for the Masters tournament. They decided to reroute the road so that it wouldn't be known for this atrocity. (Incidentally, I-20 is not that far to the LEFT. I'm thinking that traffic exiting the Masters must be so overwhelming that they try to get some people to go a more circuitous way just to take pressure off of the intersection.)

The eyesores continue east along GA 28. Whoever put these up, they mercifully didn't last long. The Masters was held 2 weeks after I visited, so maybe the Golf Club trots these abominations out and hides them away again 5 days later. They should be ashamed of themselves.

To prove I was heading east, within seconds of passing the last ugly shield I came to this pretty bridge over Raes Creek on the GA 28 EB exit to Broad St.

Augusta sights on Greene St. WB, GA 28, starting at 5th St. and heading up past 10th St. Signs this bad can only have been created in the computer age: using the closest font (in the designer's poor judgment) instead of the correct one, wrong arrows of all different sizes, and the horrible stretching of "TO I-20" into something barely recognizable. Take it back, I'll just have the check.

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