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GA 20

GA 20 comes in from AL 9 as east-west, then proceeds to loop far around Atlanta and ends up facing west at US 19 and US 41 (routes that it already crossed on the north side). In the meantime, it crosses the routes on this page. It even intersects I-20, because Georgia doesn't care about duplication.

The sign on the right could use a larger font, larger shield, larger arrow, and smaller sign, but I'll leave it alone. I mean, the sign on the left has a state-name shield, a great destination name, a Québecois hyphen in "TO-NORTH" (the province frequently uses hyphens to separate English and analogous French words on BGS's)... and it's wrong! What continues on ahead isn't TO I-575 and GA 5, it is in fact the direct onramp to those routes. This is on GA 20/140 EB just past the end of Business GA 5 SB.

Another button copy shield, eastbound on Hickory Flat Highway as it becomes GA 140 EB. This used to be GA 140, until it was realigned around Canton on Business GA 5 (the former mainline, which is now on I-575) and GA 20.

I don't know what the problem with the A's and B's was, but they seem somewhat shinier than the rest of these signs. Note the bold "5", the insertion of the illegible BUSINESS into the 5 shield, and the misalignment of the 3/4. This is southbound on I-575 and westbound on GA 20.

If this WB photo looks normal to you, click to see that it has a slight problem with the numbering, so to speak. Courtesy John Krakoff.

If this photo looks WB to you, consult a map to see that GA 20 is heading north-south here. The route is candy cane-shaped, so after heading east-west as far as Cumming it flips to north-south down through here (Loganville) and then curls back west to US 41 in Hampton. If you start on GA 20 EB you will end up on GA 20 WB.

Lenora Church Rd. SB ends at Pleasant Hill Rd., and the correctly directioned old shield is just east of there with GA 20 NB ahead. That ending is a bit extra. Just use a properly sized double-arrow and the chevrons aren't needed.

US 411 and GA 20/US 411

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