Georgia Roads - GA 2/52

GA 2 and GA 2/52

All photos are eastbound, and in Ellijay until the last.

That's 3 different state shapes in 5 shields. I'm gonna venture that the ones in the second photo are not it.

The Ellijay River bridge proves I'm in Ellijay.

A different GA 515 shield and yet another state shape enters the mix as GA 2 turns right from GA 52. I think APD HWY is more accurate, but since no two shields in Georgia are alike, I don't know which is correct.

Just give up. Just adopt some other shape and call it a day. Stop trying.

Finally found GA 515... and more shield shapes, courtesy John Krakoff and submitted by Adam Prince. I again believe this GA 2 shield is not in the running for most accurate.

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