Georgia Roads - GA 17/US 78/GA 10

GA 17 and GA 17/US 78/GA 10

All photos are southbound except the next one.

GA 17/75 NB, the Unicoi Turnpike (it's the name of a mountain range, but it's still awesome). By the way, which way are we going? Which way does US 76 go? How do these signs get bent, crumpled, and scratched, without being ruined altogether?

Left and right sides of the overhead assembly just after US 78/GA 10 EB join GA 17 SB.

Continuing south from there to the Tom Watson Bridge over Little River.

Prepared for future extension, a short divided highway begins along GA 17 SB/US 78 EB north of Thomson at GA 43. All of the bridges over 3 separate forks of Clarks Hill Lake are being replaced as the dualization is finally being extended (in 2021).

Courtesy John Krakoff, GA 17 gloms onto three other routes, four if you count the hidden GA 4 that unhides itself only when it would be the most confusing. The US 221 page (linked below) shows you how.

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Alt. GA 17 and GA 385/Business US 441

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