Georgia Roads - GA 120/Loop 120

and Loop 120

GA Loop 120 is confusingly numbered the same as the route it intersects on both ends of Marietta, Georgia, and even ends up East-West while it intersects the E-W GA 120. GA 120 was originally supposed to use the north side of the loop, which was patched together from several other roads to divert traffic around Marietta, and the Loop would have only been the southern half, but then the 120 designation was maintained through the center of town.

GA Loop 120 SB at I-75, south of Marietta.

GA Loop 120 EB at GA 120, where the fun begins.

This is perhaps the most confusing sign of the bunch, because if you're following GA 120 West, it seems logical to follow GA Loop 120 West, since there's no sign pointing GA 120 straight ahead like there should be. Of course, if you give in and follow the Loop, Marietta has won its battle of keeping traffic out.

WB at the ramp to West GA Loop 120, this sign is misleading, because traffic to I-75 SB is probably better off using "East" Loop 120 - which is really south and soon heads back west.

This WB advance sign is simply further east of the signs above.

GA 316 WB, courtesy John Krakoff via Adam Prince.

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