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GA 10

While coming into Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, I looked east at the beginning of GA 10, with I-75/85 running north (left) to south (right). This short expressway was envisioned as the southern end of the I-485 freeway that would have turned north to tie into GA 400 and relieve the only north-south artery in downtown. Most of GA 10 is otherwise tied up with US 78 (or former alignments), but this piece stands alone for that reason.

The downtown view heading west on those same ramps.

I find it interesting that the compromise for building any piece of GA 10 at all involved at-grade intersections instead of it being a freeway. This is WB at Boulevard.

This "tunnel" on the west side of Freedom Park (again WB) is supposedly there to protect the road from ice falling off of the adjacent radio tower. Nothing can use the top of it, so maybe it's not actually part of the GA 10 compromise.

US 78 and GA 10/US 78
Bus. US 78, Athens and GA 10/Bus. US 78
US 278 and GA 10/US 278/US 78

GA Loop 10

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