Georgia Roads - Concord Rd. Mableton-Smyrna

Concord Road, Mableton-Smyrna

All photos are eastbound.

Welcome to the Concord Covered Bridge across Nickajack Creek. I must cross Covered Bridge Rd. to get to it. Why is Covered Bridge Road not the road that crosses the covered bridge?

Some sort of ruins are present at the northwest corner of that intersection, probably part of the dam for Ruff's Mill.

Now across the 1891 span, not the first at this location (and I think postdating the piers).

Just beyond that, this one-lane bridge takes Concord Rd. over the abandoned Silver Comet Trail railroad.

A pair of left/right photo pairs of old overhead signs at intersections. You know Concord Road's important because everything changes names at it.

Concord Rd. itself changes names to Smyrna Rd. before this intersection but doesn't lose importance.

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