Georgia Roads - Bus. US 78 Athens/GA 10

Business US 78, Athens and GA 10

Bus. US 78 and GA 10 turn east at Atlanta Hwy., the former alignment of US 29 into the city.

Here's why it's important to note "former". Apparently this WB sign is old enough to have still been on US 29. Either "BUS" was added to US 78 or the sign was replaced but has still aged since. But if the latter, why not remove US 29?

Wonky EB shield.

The Tree that Owns Itself is one of the more random sights in Georgia to visit, and Finley St. is cobblestone for the one block back north from it to Bus. US 78/GA 10.

The EB routes turn onto Oconee St. at Thomas St.

GA 10 rejoins mainline US 78 on the east side of Athens as the Business route ends. GA 10 does not use Loop 10 at all or else that half of Loop 10 would have no reason to exist, so the "West US 78" sign features an error.

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