Georgia Roads - Bus. US 441/GA 385/Alt. GA 17

Business US 441/GA 385/Alternate GA 17

All photos on this page are courtesy John Krakoff.

SB, downtown Clarkesville. It may be old, with strange shields and misaligned text, but this sign is just the beginning. Alt. GA 17 is also here on a four-way concurrency but is about to end at GA 17 proper.

Alt. GA 17 NB, with the second photo given to me by Adam Prince. The fun starts with GDOT being unable to decide where to put the BUS (the first one is correct), or how to color the text inside the shield (again, the first one), or how to shape the shield (the second one is correct this time).

Even crazier in the other direction. The shields have forgotten how to use the whole sign, and then GA 385 forgets how to confine its font to the proper height. Straight ahead in the second photo (reached after turning right at the first photo) is Alt. GA 17 continuing, and the END of these cosigned routes is at US 441 proper.

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